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The diagnostics service during which we will completely take your device apart and test each component separately to determinate what exactly needs to be fixed. Once we discover what exactly is causing the problem, we will contact you with final estimate.

Water Damage? Screen Cracked / Scratched?
  • Dropped your device in Water

  • Spill some coffee on your device

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod is cracked

  • iPhone was mangled in  an accident or dropped

  • Cell phone housing (case) or protective screen is cracked

  • iPhone back covers & outer casing is scratched or cracked

You need access to your smartphone day in and day out, so when your smartphone breaks or is damaged, don't panic! We are here to help. Our professional technicians will get your smartphone up and running fast, so you can get back to your life without a hassle.


We repair smartphone devices from brands like Samsung, Apple iPhone, HTC, Google Nexus, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, etc.

Smartphone Repairs

Damage to your tablet or e-reader? We take care of your tablets as if they were our own, with fast and reliable repairs so that you can be back to your e-books, games, and apps wherever you go.

We repair tablet devices from brands like Samsung, iPad, iPad Mini, Google Nexus, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, etc.

Tablet Repairs

We provide a range of services for your Mac or PC, whether desktop or laptop. Don't let damaged or malfunctioning computers interfere with your work, school, or personal life. You rely on your computer or laptop for all aspects of your life, so don't trust just anyone with crucial repairs. Whether your computer is being affected by a virus or accidental damage, our professional technicians are here to help. With fast, reliable repairs, you won't have to be without your computer for long. 


We repair computers and laptops of various brands, running on all operating systems: Mac, Windows, Chrome. 

Computer Repairs

Our professional services expand beyond phones, tablets, and computers, including your MP3 players, cameras, gaming consoles, and wearable electronics. No matter what the device, bring it in for a free diagnostic and estimate. Our experts will take a look, and if we identify the problem we'll give you a fair quote including how long it will take to repair your device. 


iPod, MP3 Players, Samsung Gear, etc

Other Electronic / Gadget / Wearable Repairs

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